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We offer a large variety of different kinds of antiques – pieces which are over hundred years old and have a lot of history which is unknown to us in most cases. Please have a look and probably you would find something interesting for you, you home or collection.

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Our collection has over 1000 original pieces of art: oils, watercolors, pastels, lithographs, etc. We are not concentrated on any artists or themes, just present you nice pieces of art in different styles, ages and techniques.

Some of them are done by well known listed artists, some other are created by unknown or forgotten artists or just unsigned and not attributed. Meanwhile each and every piece in our collection is professionally done and obviously deserve some attention. We also hope that every piece of art will find it’s home sooner or later. Why not your’s?

As an additional service we offer professional art restoration facilities if needed and could arrange proper old frame for your artwork in the color you want.

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People collect everything. And you never know where and what would you find for your collection. Just check…

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We don’t specialize on books either… Just offer you some antique books which came from local estates 


Porcelain & Glass

Just look… We have some nice porcelain, glass, and pottery pieces for you.



Jewelry and Watches

Bad news: we are not jewelers and mostly have no idea about jewelry, stones, watches, etc. Meanwhile we have some nice estate pieces which might be a good addition to your collection or great gift for somebody you love. They might need some polishing or care but the price you pay would be much cheaper than any jeweler would charge. And the god news: we guarantee the quality of gold and silver as we test the metals before listing. So buy with confidence if you like the piece.

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Musical Instruments

Occasionally we have got a small collection of old musical instruments and since then just support this section. Nothing very rare or expensive, just nice. Most of the pieces need some work as we keep them in as found condition.             




This is the hardest part of our business. Hard to move, crazy to ship… Meanwhile our large store is full of different kinds of furniture and we do more and more national sales and sometimes even sell internationally. We don’t ship furniture but would be happy to help you with finding the best and cheapest shipping solution.

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