About Us

Arus Antiques is one of largest family operated antique stores in Boston Metro West area with over 5,000 square feet full of large assortment of furniture, artworks, porcelain and pottery, silver, collectibles, etc. We have thousands and thousands of items which mostly come from local estates and auctions. Just a small fraction of our stock is presented here as, first, not all items are equal and some of them are not valuable enough to be presented on a web page. Second, we just don’t have enough time to do this huge job: to picture, describe and catalog properly all items we have to offer. So little by little we expect to add items to this page and maintain them properly.


Contact us

Office and mailing address:

39 Ledgewood Rd.

Framingham, MA 01701


Store and Auction House

305 Lincoln Street,

Marlboro, MA 01752


Call us: (617) 669-6170

Email us: arusantiques@gmail.com